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Reply with quote Ban-Bot + RoBot v 3 by wa7

Post by fashiontarin on Tue Sep 11, 2012 10:23 am

Ban Bot + Smart RoBot with GroupChat

,Hey all New Ban Bot And Smart RoBot version3
Three in 1
New Features In This Ban Bot

You Can Ban Unlimited Cutom Resources
You Can Ban Unlimited Bad-Words or Flood Cutom Flood msg
You Can Ban All Msgs Which are Contains Lines Like Flood msg
Banig Ids it's Too Fast even your net is Good

if any id banned by misake u can unban it with tool

and in Smart RoBot

You Can Greeting usera with unlimited msgs
you can Greeting users with unlimited msgs
You Control The RoBot ID Wihch What To Do like
etc ....

And u can make 3 commender which can command your Bot

And You Can let you RoBot Auto Answer the users with unlimited msgs
and you can make the greeting msgs or auto answers To Greeting or Answering
for x speed thats makes the users dont no is it bot or not Very Happy hhhhhh

Note : Each Resource Click Enter like
etc ...

do like this in Greeting msgs

In Auto Ansers Enter like that

how are you=im fine and you?


hop understoond

any help comment

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