Parrot V1.1 room fuller iranian soft

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Parrot V1.1 room fuller iranian soft

Post by ii-_-ii on Wed Jan 30, 2013 5:09 am

Parrot V1.1 (the new type of room fuller)
With this application you can enter some IDs in your room and make them Speak together! for more information read Help inside application

Baghie FA!:
ba in barname mitonid sohbataye roomaye dgaro be soorate ye file zakhire konid va harvaqt khastid barnamaro tori tanzim konid ke toye roometon ba IDhaye jaygozin kararo eynan tekrar kne...

nahveye kare barname toye helpe barname tozih dade shode,

Download Parrot V1.1:
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